Monday, May 4, 2015

Email 05/04/2015 Too Much Time Not To Do Anything

   Well sorry for a boring email this week but we really didn't have time to do very much. 
   Honestly this week mostly consisted of my companion and I traveling around meeting with other missionaries to help them out. 
   Unfortunately the district leader in the other district of our zone did a backflip and spranned his ankle really bad....So we don't know if he's going home or not but since he can't move around I'm doing the work of 2 district leaders. FUN STUFF!!!!
    But we did have something exciting happen to us this week. So our Bishop decided to take us and give us a tour of our sector to know the limits really well. And thanks to that tour we know know that we don't even live in our zone...Oh and about 75% of the people who we were working with don't even belong in our ward, so now we get to start from scratch again hahaha. It was a bummer and my companion was super bummed but I know that God has his reasons and I believe that our help is needed elsewhere.
   So that was the big excitement of the week. Oh and today we had an awsome P-day activity. So somehow I got ahold of the movie Meet the Mormon (the only one in all of south america) and we had ourselves a little movie and a lunch. Then after the movie (it was really good by the way, and you should see it) we played some hardcore dodgeball. 
Well thats all for now folks, hope to see ya this Mother Day for my last skype call of the mission.

Elder Rodriguez

Our last Activity in the house of the Benacazar Family (they are super wealthy)

It's like being back home.

Well it's good message that we share.

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