Monday, May 25, 2015

Email 05/25/2015 He's Just A Wee Little Lad

Well HELLO everyone out there in the states, I hope eveything is going good out there!
 Oh and I would like to start this email by giving a SHOUT OUT to my Mom for her Birthday. LOVE YA MA!!
 This last week was filled with excitement. For the first three days of the week I ws with an Elder Mott (from Texas, and he doesn't have any relation to the other Elder Mott) And we had alot of success together. Oh and he got bit by a dog. It was flippen awesome. I have no idea how the dog jumped high enough to bite his arm cuz he's a giant. But we took care of things. Anyways I was only with him up until we both got our new companions.
  Okay now to get down to the needy greedy. Well I got my new companion. He's a tiny little Peruvian named Elder Flores. And he's kinda wierd.....He wears jeans to sleep....Oh well. So I as I was talking to him I found out that he was Baptized into the church about a year and 2 months ago....Wait a second I was in the mission a year and 2 months ago.....(I´ve been a missionary longer that he's been a member of the church). So he practically knows nothing concerning the gospel and has never read the Book of Mormon in its entirety but he has a Heart that is ready to serve. So its gonna be tough but I know he's  gonna do a great job with a trainer as good as me (if I don't say so myself). 
   Anyways at the moment I am teaching everything but he's getting there.
Oh and we gotta baptism lined up for this Saturday. So I guess my new son is starting off his mission right.
So that's about all I got to report this week. Pics to come.

Love ya ALL 

Elder Rodriguez

My companion is the Hobbit next to me.

Elder Mott and his dog bite.

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