Monday, July 13, 2015

Email 07/13/2015 Nothing New

 Well sad to say that this week wasn't that exciting. I'm okay here in Calderon still with my small companion still. We are still working hard but it really seems that with such little time I have left, the work is getting harder. At the moment we are working with a family that is super awesome, they are reading the scriptures daily they are always praying, but just one problem. WE CANNOT GET THEM TO CHURCH!!!! Ugh I'm frustrated because for the past 3 weeks thay have said that they with go but everytime something comes up. Oh well I think I just need to pray a bit more for the guidance. We will see what happenes this Sunday.
  Anyway so today we had an activity as a zone, it was alright. We played volley ball with towels and waterballoons then we played indoor soccer and dodgeball. Man I love dodgeball. It was pretty much only my district and a couple of other gringos playing it but we had a blast. 
   So then after that I went to the mall. So about 3 weeks ago the wire to charge my camera broke so I went to radioshack last week to see if they had the wire. They told me that it would come in on thursday. So that was the reason that I went this week. ANNNNNNDDDD the guy tells me that they have never sold that type of wire...I felt like ragiing but I don't think Jesus Christ rages too much.

So thats all FOLKS.

love ya all

Elder Rodriguez

P.S. No pics this week

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