Monday, July 20, 2015

Email 07/20/2015 Apostasy!!!!

Well hello everyone. Well everything here in Ecuador is going great, especially since we had changes. So now I'm in the same sector, with the same companion but I'm no longer the District Leader. I'm soooo happy that I can just focus on my own sector now. But I do have to train the new District Leader to do his job right. So thats the most recent thing that happened.
    Anyway so this last Thursday we had our little zone conference and let me tell ya it was good. So they came out with a new rule for the mission that we can only write for an hour and a half instead of the 2 straight hours. But with the other half an hour we are to do family history, which is great.....for some. So in the meeting they talked about this new rule and asked us how we felt. And everything was good until the people who literally can't do Family History in the mission for the lack of resources. So it turns out during that time they are to just look at the computer of their companion and wait for a half an hour. Now I shared my opinion by saying it was a great idea to work on family history but that itwasn't  thought out well in its entirety. Like just imagine just sitting there looking like a doof for half an hour. I imagine that it would be more productive if they could just read talks or watch videos on the church´s website, but no. So my leaders said that in that moment i apostated from my leaders............I was furious because they said that infront of everybody, but then everybody stood up for me saying itwasn't  apostasy to say it wasn't thought out well. So it was an interesting meeting.
   Anyway my companion and I are working hard and at the moment we have 3 people with a baptismal date. 
 Oh and today we had an activity were we went to the real middle of the world...Pics to come.

Elder Rodriguez

A family made me a late 4th of July meal.....IT WAS SO GOOD!

The design of the T-shirt I'm making for the Zone.

A real shrunken head....a They do that here in the jungles.

Some nice paintings showing how they prepare the heads.

The snake was feeding me.

Totem pole.

Chilling with my homie.

Chicken form Llama's.

Being Trashy.

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