Monday, July 27, 2015

Email 07/27/2015 Eternal Tiredness

Well like the title suggest, I'm really tired. At this point in the mission I no longer feel physically tired its more of a spiritual tiredness....Its hard to explain....
  Anyways this week was a bit tough. At this moment in my teaching and as a missionary I feel that I'm on the top of my game but we are having the hardest time finding people. Like at this very moment we only have that family that I mentioned last week and nobody else. But I'm working my butt off out here.
   So besides that nothing much has been going on. We did host an activity for the ward in which we just played a series of games.......Only 8 people showed up, not including the missionaries. So that was a huge success. 
  Oh and the funniest thing happened this week. So one of the less active member families in our ward just moved to the other ward...Well they moved across the street. So as the good missionary I am I showed the other missionaries where they live so they can visit them and help them to be firm in the church. Turns out these missionaries don't like to work, cuz they don't even visit the family. So I decided that my companion and I will, and we will tell them to attend the ward to which they should. Then my zone leaders yelled at me for it. They said I can recieve revelation for people out of my sector,(which is true because no missionary recieves revelation for others....only theirselves, but my ZLs don't know that cuz they don't study), so I said okay I won't visit them anymore if it bugs the other missionaries that I'm helping children of God. So I was really honest when I said I won't visit them anymore......This sunday the whole family came to our ward, and said they want to move cuz the other missionaries aren't visiting them. 
  I guess I'm a champ then. Hahahaha.
 Anyways its the final countdown till I come home.
Hope everyone is ready!

Love ya ALL

Elder Rodriguez

I'm the KING! 

I was baptizing my baby boy (my companion). 

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