Monday, January 27, 2014

Email 01/27/2014

This was so weird and I sent a message to the misión president. 
Oh um one problema this week. This week my companion & I went to a payphone that only takes change so I gave my companion 2 dimes.
But each one the phones spit them back out. Then 2 children walked up asking for money but as usual we kindly turned them down. The the youngest one gave my companion a nickle to try in the machine but like the dimes it spit it right out.
Then the strangest thing happened. When the kid asked for it back my companion said the machine didn't give it back. The kid had the most distraught look. Then my companion started walking away. So I demanded my dimes back and gave the kid one of them. Know I have not talked about this experiance with Elder luque. Because frankly it was shocking and I don't know what to do.

Elder Rodriguez

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