Monday, March 3, 2014

Email 03/03/2014 Carnival

Well this week it was Carnival. And I'm a bit disappointed. I thought Carnival was gonna be crazy but all it is is people playing with water for 4 days. So from Saturday, Sunday, this Monday and Tomorrow we can't  proselyte. We can only go to meeting and lessons that we have an exact time scheduled for. Everyone is lucky that this week we had no rain.... All the days before this week it rained...Every single day and it's just mud.
So that all for Carnival. We just have to be careful when walking in the streets to stay away from kids. The kids throw water balloons around this time.
So everything else has kinda been slow. Oh one night me and my companion were just walking all normal when a huge rock flys by my head. So we look back and 4 men want to fight us. Ha so I turn back to my companion and he's gone, running in the other direction.
So we are both running and one of the men ran after us for a while but stopped. My companion was kinda freaked out about that so that wasn't too cool. 
But everything else is fine.
With our investigators we have just really been stressing the importance of marriage. Here in Esmereldas they like to only be in a free union.
So that's all that has been going on here. The work is a bit slow because we can't proselyte. My spanish is still coming little by little but I'm progressing.
Thanks all for the pics. I really enjoy seeing everyone and how everyone is doing.

Love ya ALL,

Elder Rodriguez

Elder Rodriguez with his companion Elder Ramirez inside their apartment.

Elder Rodriguez drew this picture.

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