Monday, March 10, 2014

Email 03/10/2014 Back to the Grind

Well now that Carnival is over the work continues as usual.
So we started proselyting again knocking on doors. So my first one i go and knock and talk to this one guy. Well he pretty much yelled at me to stop being a bum and get a job then slammed the door in my face. So that got me down a bit but right after we knocked on this one lady's door and she was super nice. We have a scheduled lesson with her and she thanked us for doing what we do. So that was cool.

This week I found out my companion is a bit of a freak. He caught a bird in mid flight with his bare hand. Then he caught another bird that wasn't able to fly because it was dehydrated so we gave it some water. He's a wierdo but really cool. It's amazing how much happier I am right now than I was with my other companion who was just annoying in all ways. Yesterday I asked a Elder that is companions with my last one how it was going, and he just replied HELP ME hahaha. 

The work is going a little bit better now but it's really hot here. And this week I had two more close calls with thieves. The first one we were walking and I saw two thugs a little was off. Then the started following us. My companion had no idea but I just kept telling him to walk a little faster. Then another time at night we had to walk down a road and I felt that we shouldn't but did anyway. And when we were in the middle of the street some thugs started to kinda circle us but we kept waling and luckly a huge black man was walking the other way which I think scared the hooligans.

This week I'm feeling really good with my Spanish, I realize I can still barely talk but I'm understanding practically everything. Well that's really it for me. No pictures sorry. 
I'll keep you all in my prayers if you pray for me.
Haa especially for my language here.

Love ya all,

Elder Ivan Rodriguez

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