Monday, March 24, 2014

Email 03/24/2014 Oh, Baptism!!!

Well this week was changes and I thought for sure I was going to get changed. Yeah nope. Neither did my companion so we are still stuck in this area. Both of us are kinda bummed because this area is just tiring. The members here are super great and a lot of help but nobody really wants to listen to us. And the people that do just have problems that impede in their lives so they can't be baptized. So in this change me and my companion are going to be contacting alot.
 Well this week we had a another Baptism of a 13 year old named Fabian. The baptism was great. This kid in the first lesson we had with him already wanted to be baptized and already knew who he wanted to be baptized by. This kid grew up by a member and by the members example this kid in turn found that desire to join the church. 
 Well for the three days this week we have been a companionship of 3. It's me my companion Elder Ramirez and another Peruvian named Elder Gomez. He has been like an adopted child for a while being bounced around from companionship to companionship because his companion (our old district leader) was sent how early. But I really like Elder Gomez he's a cool guy. He also knows a little english, just a few words but is very willing to give me pointers. 
The man who baptized the kid is my favorite member ever. I told him he can vist me in the states with his family. He is the same age as Dad. Oh and his wife makes the best cakes for me.

Love you all and I hope for the best.

Elder Rodriguez

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