Monday, March 17, 2014

Email 03/17/2014 Well this week is weird

This week was really weird for all of us. First it started out by us finding out 9 missionaries were sent home for doing some seriously wicked things. One of the 9 was our district leader.  Then the week continued. My companion & I had the most awkward lesson ever when we taught all the the police. There were about 40. Then later on in that day we were robbed.....TWICE. Twice in one day is pretty bad hahah. The first one was pretty scary because the thief came up like a ninja and got my companion in a head lock and his friend was coming up behind with his hand in his pants like he had a gun. So they stole my companions watch and 50 cents but from me, nothing. Then later in that same night some others tried to rob us but since we had nothing, nothing happened.  I laughed at that because my companion says its always the Americans that get robbed but it was like i was invisible to the thieves.  Then the next day it rained hard off and on. And at one point I was standing out in the open and just 5 feet away it was raining but not on me. Well thats all.

Love ya all,

Elder Rodriguez

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