Monday, September 8, 2014

Email 09/08/2014 Bad News

       So this week we had changes........ I'm going to be in the same area as District leader still but this time I'm going to be training a newbie. I don't want to train another flippen missionary. In the mission when you train a missionary he becomes your son, so I have been telling everyone that my first son was great like Jesus Christ, so that means my second will be like satan.....................................
      Anyways that's the bad news. Now I'll tell you what happened in the week. At the beginning of the week the Zone leaders, who I was with for a long time, went to Quito for a meeting so I was stuck with 2 other missionaries for a while. I was with Elder Luque (who trained me in the mission) and Elder Garcia (from Honduras). The area that they work in is terrible.... It's the side of the volcano so its just nonstop uphill walking. Fortunately that only lasted for 3 days untill the Zone leaders came back. 
    Before the zone leaders where terrible to be with but when they came back they were all happy and easy going, weird.
     So then came the changes and everyone thought that I would become the new zone leader but I need to train some kid first. So right now I'm with Elder Garcia until Wednesday when we go to Quito to pick up the newbies. So that will be fun. Just hope he's not American so I don't have to teach him spanish. Anyways thats all folks.
Not much sorry, but I'll send a pic!

Love ya all and PEACE,

Elder Rodriguez

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