Monday, September 29, 2014

Email 09/29/2014 When we GIVE, we GET

Let start this week out with the boring parts first.
   This week we had some meetings with the mission President. Well as a leader here I had to go to 2 full days of meetings but I feel like I learned alot. So that's the boring part. 
   So lets skip to Wednesday when my companion almost died. Our mamita gave us some rice, potatos and some fried eggs. They were deliciously covered in a peanut sauce too. My companion is allergic to peanuts.... Deathly. So yeah he had to use his epi pen again. That was the second time in 2 weeks, I don't know if I'm a good trainer if my companion is almost dying every week here hahaha. 
    So this past week as a zone we saw that we weren't going to have a baptism this month and it would have been the first time in this zone to end with no baptisms. So as a zone we prayed and fasted for a miracle. Well out of no where a man came in one of the other sectors asking if he could get baptized... Oh and he had all the requirements. Then on Saturday the day of his baptism hedidn't  show up..................................... But like all the underdog stories that we love so much he redeems himself by being baptized on Sunday. Miracles happen everyone. So we were all happy about that.
    My comp & I celebrated in our house by grilling some weenies in the fire. 
     Then on Sunday we went to a members house to congradulate him on being married. He wasn't there so we talked with his brother who is a cool guy. Well he served us up some dinner which was a soup of intestines, potatoes and rice. It was good. Then he gave us about 20 eggs and 6 liters of coca-cola to take home. Can I just say how much I love the people of Ecuador. Sometimes after giving all your energy and heart to the people, they give some back. I'll send picks everybody, don't worry.
     Well thats all for now Love ya ALL.

Elder Rodriguez

Eggs & Coke-Cola.

Grilling some Weenies. In one of the pictures my hotdog just fell of the hanger...I was sad. 

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