Monday, September 15, 2014

Email 09/15/2014 The Son of the Morning

   Well I went to Quito for my new companion who I will be training for the next month. When I got there I realized that there were about 24 new American missionaries and only 1 new latin missionary. so obviously I wanted the latin so that there would be no problems if I didn't understand anything.........
   It doesn't always work out how you plan it. I was paired up with an Elder Valentine (from  Sandy Utah). He's actually a really cool Elder and now I'm glad that i'm with him. He's horrible at spanish but I think he's better than I was. It truely is awesome how much success we are already having here in Iluman, Imbabura. And I'm actually surprising myself at how much spanish I actually know.
    For example I had an experience that I never had before. The owners of our house rented out the room below us to some hippies (the girl is from Austalia and the man is from Denmark). It turned out that they don't speak any spanish so I translated for them and the owner of the house. It was very impressive for me to be able to do that and kinda weird. These people are doing some kind of hippie diet were they only eat vegetables and fruits. So that was awkward to explain.
    So anyway my companion and I are working really hard to get a baptizm under his belt in his first change. So we have been proselyting like crazy and one of the days after alot of failures I see a dog. 
So I did a little prayer in my heart that the dog would guide us to sombody. So we follow the dog. It led us to a women and after a lesson, my companion did his first baptismal invitation. She now has a baptismal goal for the 11th of October.... And that is how it's done.....
I'll send pics of my zone and my new companion

Love ya all.

Elder Rodriguez

New companion Elder Valentine from Sandy, Utah USA. 

My district consist of the two Elders in the back who are the Zone leaders. On the top left Elder Chub (from Guatamala). The top right Elder Guild (from Wyoming, USA). And also the two sister missionaries more towards the left. The red headed Sister Smith (from Washington, USA) and her companion to the right Sister Stevens (from Utah, USA)

Zone being funny! 

Zone being serious.

Elder Rodriguez wearing a hat he is sending to his little brother Beckham.

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