Monday, September 22, 2014

Email 09/22/2014 Dog Days

  Well I think I have knocked on every door in Iluman this past week.... Twice. 
Elder Valentine and I are working like LOCOS here in the rain. But we are doing great. I have been leaving all the contacts to my companion so he can learn super fast. And for the most part he's doing great, I just step in when he doesn't know what to do. 
    This week we had the bright idea to pray then go to the church in hopes that someone would pass by to give them a tour. We stood there together in the rain and in the mountainous cold for 2 hours and nothing. So you can all imagine that we were feeling a bit discouraged. So we went to look for some one to teach. Then we ended up knocking on a door when this old lady answered. She invited us in to get out of the rain and we taught the plan of Salvation (which answers the questions, Where do we come from? What is our purpose? and Where do we go after this life?) It was an awesome lesson with all of her family. They told us how blessed they were that God sent us to them. Then they took pictures of the little diagram that I use to teach it because they were so impressed. It was interesting especially for my companion. 
  Oh and my companion  is super allergic to nuts so the other day he ate a cake ball that had absolutely no nuts but had a reaction. So we rushed back to the house for his Epi-pen. He almost died..... It was super cool. 
   Anyway this P-day we went as a zone to a lake near-by. It was cold and wet but we had fun together. 
Th-Th-Thats All Folks
Thanks for watching, tune in next week for more...
Love ya all

Elder Rodriguez

Tarantula that just walks around here like no big deal. 

My sexy baby and I.

Weird fruit which you suck on the seeds. They are like apricot...Super Good.

Throwing me into the lake.

My companion Elder Valentine & I. 

On top of one of the members house. The edge was about a 7 story fall to the ground.

Oh I forgot to tell you what Cuiy (Guinea Pig) taste like. So this last Saturday 09/20/2014 I had some Cuiy in a soup. At first it was a little weird seeing its little paws but it wasn't half bad. To me it just tasted like a chicken with BBQ dry rub on it. It was actually delicious.
Thank you that is all continue with your day.

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