Monday, September 1, 2014

Email 09/01/2014 Just a Little Lava

Well this will be short because honestly this week has been alot of nothing going on. 
   I have to say being in a trio of missionaries that don't get along whatsoever is a bit difficult. This week has been full of tension in the house and its not working.
   So let me tell you about some of the exciting stuff. So one day in the night while were walking we all look toward the volcano far off. And it just happened to be on fire........... The volcano was leaking out a bit of lava and it was a huge fire over there. I took a pic of it but because it was night it didn't come out so well. But luckly it lasted a bit into the next day as well so I have another pic during the day...........
Just hoping the volcano that we live on doesn't set off........................................
    And after that I bought some of the indigenous shoes they got here. They look ridiculous but I feel like a ninja. I don't have pics of the shoes, but don't worry. The following Sunday I'm gonna rock the traditional clothes to church.
   Well for this week that's all. Sorry there isn't more, but there are pics coming.

Love ya all. PEACE

Elder Rodriguez

Here is some cool graffiti too...with some indigenous ladies to the left

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