Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Email 06/01/2015 Cold Waters

Hello there Everybody, how was your week? Well mine was alright, really stressful but good.
   First things first, we had a baptism. So after months and months Mishell finally accepted to be baptized and everything was great. She has always had a fear of being baptized but she finally felt an answer from our Heavenly Father. She is an 18 year old girl who has one of the strongest testimonies I have ever seen. So I'll tell ya about the baptism. Anyway her baptism was scheduled at 11 in the morning so I woke up early to go to the church to fill up the baptismal faunt. Previously the church washaving  problems getting hot water so I thought ahead and brought some pots to heat up water and throw in. Then when we get there the faucet to turn on the water in the faunt didn't work...................So three hours later and a million buckets of water we finally filled up the faunt by hand. And after some time everyone started to show up so we began. It was awesome because earlier I called President Richardson to ask permision so that my old companion Elder Roberts could come and see the baptism too. Anyway the baptism went great, even though the water was arctic cold and one little girl was crying because she thought Mishelle was going to drown in the water.
But it was a success!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   Anyways besides that my week was pretty normal. On Tuesday I did have divisions with Elder Wright (he's from my group) and we were pretty much talking about video games all day while working. Oh and on Saturday my companion was whining about his kidneys so we ended the day early. And it turned out that he really did have pain in his kidneys because later on he was peeing blood............Fun stuff! 
  So that brings us to today. We went bowling as a District. Oh and Elder Mott (he's a huge guy) made the craziest shot I have ever seen. So while he plays he just chucks the bowling ball with all his might. And one time there was only one pin left right in the middle so he just chucks the ball and it goes straight into the gutter....But then while the ball got closer to the end it just flies out of the gutter and strikes the pin out. It was very impresive.

So thats all I got for ya all.

Elder Rodriguez

My eye.

The new note book I made. Jesus is saying "that's how I saved the world". 

My dirty desk.

One of our investigators with a wig on.

These are pictures of the baptism we just had, her name is Mishelle Cuaran and she's a trooper.

This is Marcela, the niece of Mishelle. She told me not to leave the sector because she likes me.

Elder Wright. He's from my group.

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