Monday, June 29, 2015

Email 06/29/2015 Patience is a Godly Virtue

Well this week has been a trial. I honestly feel the urge sometimes to just leave my companion alone at a bus stop or something just to get rid of him. Now I know that's not nice and I'm surely not going to do it but, sometimes I like to think about it.
    Anyway, this week has been a bit difficult for us and  especially me. I have now entered into my last 12 weeks in the mission. I want to work hard and yet my situation doesn't permit me to do that. This week we only had one lesson everyday because everysingle day we had a meeting...And my companion has become my echo...He literally repeats everything I say now. 
   Oh and this week there were a couple of deaths in the mission (not literally). When a missionary goes home it is known as his or her death. One of my buddies Elder Urquieta (he's from Bolivia) and Sister Fernilius (she's from Las Vegas) finished their missions this week. They were both in my district. And the funny thing is that when I started my mission Elder Urquieta was my District leader, and now he died as I was his district leader. 
   So in 12 more weeks that will be me (I'm so tronkie right now). Oh and we had changes. I didn't have any changes and neither did my companion but they did reunite the 2 zones together, so now we are huge!!
  Aaaaand thats about it. I think in the middle of this change I'm going to ask if I could ge changed to the Jungles so I can see how that is. 

PEACE and LOVE to all
Choi Choi

Elder Rodriguez

PS: Well I wanted to send pictures this week cuz I have a bunch.....But he dumb computer won't let me...So until next time. Stay tuned in.


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