Monday, June 22, 2015

Email 06/22/2015 Hot Water

Well HELLO from Ecuador!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   So this week I had a real desire to get down to the needy greedy in the Work of the Lord, and now we are seeing some of the fruits of our labors here in Calderon. 
      Anyway I should probably start from the beginning of the week. Lets start with my companion. So up untill this point my companion has had a really really slow progress in his teaching, so as you can imagine I was a bit stressed. So as a missionary not knowing what exactly to do I took the matter to the Lord in a prayer. And I have to tell ya all I had the weirdest feeling afterward. Right after the prayer I had a distinct impression that I should no longer give my companion the opportunity to teach in the lessons......AND IT WORKED!!! Now in the lessons he is fighting to participate and teach rather than only wait for me to tell him when like before. So we have had a real breakthrough with that. 
     Now with my companion progressing I am stressing alot less and we are working alot more effectively. Infact this week we were teaching a family that we have had for a while now and they finally accepted a baptismal date. The family of 4 should be baptized on the 17 of July. If everything goes according to plan. 
     Well besides that, I had divisions this week with one of my zone leaders Elder Gallardo (he's from Argentina) and his other companion Elder Keyes (he's from Utah). The divisions went great but the best thing about it was that under there apartment a member opened a small restaurant. And that member just happens to be one of my favorite members from my old sector. So it was super awesome to talk to her and hear about the old ward and all her family. The only sad part  was that when she saw me she began to cry and she kept asking me why they took missionaries out of that sector. But it was great to see here and also her husband. 
    Then this week there was a baptism. The sister missionaries have been working hard with a family of less active members and were able to baptize one of the sons too. His name is Ronnie Reyes, he's a cool little 9 year old. It was great because I was able to interview him this last week and he asked me if I would baptize him. I said of course and he was stoked. Well finally there is hot water for the baptisms but this time as we entered into the water, it was burning hot. He just kept saying it burns it burns hahah. But the second that he went under and came back up all he said was,¨ I thought it was too hot, but it was perfect.¨ MIRACLE!!! haha. So that's all with this week. After the next week I will be entering my last 12 weeks in the mission field.

Tha-tha-thats all Folks
LOVE ya all 
Elder Rodriguez

Sorry my companion doesn't know how to work a camera, and we don't know how to look at one.

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