Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Email 06/08/2015 What Week?

Well Hello there everyone who is in the states!!!! Hope everyone is good out there and always thinking about me (WHATTTT??). I'm okay here in Ecuador, this week I caught a bit of a cold but for the most part I'm still alive.
  So this week was a bit tough for me here in Calderon. Every single night we had meetings at church and most of our investigators are only at home during the night, so that made it really hard to work. Sobecause  of that I was a bit bumbed, but then I decided that I needed to find more people who are at home during the day. And thats exactly what I did. I got out there and when to a street called California street, and found a lady who didn't want anytrhing to do with us, and I told her that we want to share a message, to which she replied, "no!". Then I said we are coming back tomorrow and you better be here. The next day we went back, she was there, and she listened to our message. The next appointment we have with her is this Tuesday. AND THAT IS HOW ITS DONE!!!!!!
   Okay, so besides that nothing more happened except I think I might kill my companion. I don't know what he does in there, the bathroom but when I go in there is always pee on the floor and on the seat. So if on the news you hear that a missionary was killed in Ecuador......You all know who did it.
  Oh and I have to tell you all about Sunday. So this last Sunday at church was fast Sunday (for those nonmormon: during the first meeting of the month whatever person can go up and share there testimonies and experiences) so this sunday I felt prompted to go up and share my testimony about missionary work (original right?)  Anyway in our sector recently we have been guided alot to people who really need us, and in almost in every lesson the families are crying because they feel the spirit so much. So I shared that in my testimony but with a little joke to keep everyone on there toes, which went a little like this, "when most of the time we visit all of you, you cry. Now I don't know if our messages are really bad or if its the spirit but seeing that none of you have thrown us out, I think its the spirit." Now with that I hit a home run, everyone was laughing but the spirit was felt really strong. So I end and go back to my seat. Then my companion goes us and shares the same testimony with the same joke. I MEAN WORD FOR WORD, and the other missionaries there were thinking the same thing as I was, What the HECK.
    So my companion is a freak......
Have a nice WEEK!
LOVE ya all

Elder Rodriguez

 P.S.  I taught my companion how to tie a tie.... He failed  

I forgot to tell everyone that this last week as missionaries we did an activity to say thanks to the bishopric so we drew them some posters. Aaaanndd of course I was the one drawing so I made it fun and made the bishop punching satan right in the mouth it was awesome. 

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