Monday, June 2, 2014

Email 06/02/2014 Paraiso!!!!!!!!

So Let's start this little letter here. This week was really good. My  companion and I worked super hard all this week and sweated durisimo (really hard) working our butts off. And it truelly bore the fruits for our labors. This week we found 10 new investagators which is awesome. So everyday we have a bunch of lessons while knocking on a bunch of doors too.
It was super funny this week because we knocked on one door and a little kid answered. The little kid literally didn't say anything except no. So we kept asking just rediculous questions like "can you hear me (no), are you even alive (no), can we go now (no)". A little jokester this niño.

Anyway today is P-day and our awesome District leader bought just the 2 of us pizza for having the best numbers this week. So we are feeling really good here. 
Well I'm happy here but I still kinda want to leave the coast. Everything here is awesome, the food, the people, the other missionaries, just one thing I don't like..... The heat. Especially here in Esmeraldas when water isn't a thing you have everyday. Anyway that's my email for yall this week. Love ya all.

Elder Rodriguez

Me standing in some Radiation! I'm going to turn into the Hulk.

My companion Elder Nogales & I 

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