Monday, June 16, 2014

Email 06/16/2014 Changes!!!!

Well I'm going to start by leaving the changes part to the end. Let me tell you all about my week. 
   So this week the World Cup started so we can't really work when there is a game going on. As missionaries we are not supposed to watch the games, but rather get to work as normal. Just one problem.... Who do you teach when everyone is watching the game? I don't know yet but me and my companion are going hard knocking on every door possible. This week we found a couple of new people that have dates to get baptized so thats super good. Oh then there was Father's Day (Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there, especially my Dad) On Father's Day everyone and there mother was having a party with huge concert speakers. That night three different neighbors of ours partied all through the night until the morning. I'm not joking when I tell you my bed was shaking because of the base of all their giant speakers. So that was cool. Then my companion had a surprise talk on sunday. Everyother word of my comp was cut out because the microphone was having problems. I was laughing my head off hahaha. It probably wasn't good to laugh especially since I sit in the front stands were everyone is looking. Then last night some teenager tried robbing us with his hand in his shirt, pretending it was a gun. I just told him, we don't have any money and I know thats only a hand. He just ended up walking away with a pamphlet that we gave him. 
    Okay now the good stuff..... CHANGES.... I received the changes in the morning and me and my companion are staying in the same place. But something did change. Now I'm a district leader. That means some missionaries have to report to me every night. Oh also I have a cell phone now. I was kinda bummed about it at first because now a whole bunch of missionaries look up to me. I need to interview people for baptisms and every Thursday I have to teach all the missionaries something. Then thinking more of it, I know I have an opportunity to serve that much more. And heck it's a bit more job experience. 
So thats the news. Oh and my companion finished his training. Yaaaaayyyy. 
Love ya all and I have pics coming. 

Elder Rodriguez

The last Zone meeting before the changes. The Elder with a llama on his tie just finished his mission.

This is the bird of the Samora family. And their neighbors small house.

Some of our adventures with the Samora family. The food is Plantains with some Cheese and the drink is some plantains with some milk...plantains are not sweet. The youngest son Mattias. One of the daughters Curly in the blue with the hate and her older sister Britany.

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