Monday, June 23, 2014

Email 06/23/2014 First week as District Leader

Well this week went alright for us here in the Esmeraldas Zone. My companion & I have been working super hard to Find some new people to work with and we have some promising results. We even went to this one part of our sector were the super rich people live. Not too many people listened to us there hahah but some which is better than none. 
   On Thursday I had my first District meeting as a District leader. That means that I stand infront of about 6 missionaries and teach them how to be better missionaries. I talked about the Module of Ammon. I based it off of the experience of Ammon in the Book of Mormon. Its a way for us to contact a new person, discern their needs and teach them according to those needs. It went fairly well.
Well for the most part the district is doing well. There is a group of missionaries that work in the most dangerous area who never call me at night so.... That has me a bit worried. Especially since about every week there is a new murder over there. Hahahah no joke.
    So on the bright side I have a cell phone now, on the down side people are constantly calling me.
  Anyway this sunday was terrible. Nobody went to church. At the time of sacrament I counted only 10 people and none of our investagators assisted. So that's something to work hard on. Anyway I'm devoted here to being a consecrated missionary, because two consecrated missionaries is better that 100 mediocre missionaries. By the way those 2 mediocre missionaries were Nefi and Lehi..... Look it up.... I read that in a talk. 

Love ya all

Elder Rodriguez

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