Monday, June 9, 2014

Email 06/09/2014 2nd to Last Week of the Changes

Well this new week is going to be the last week before changes. Not sure as of yet If I'll be going or not. At this point I'm not even sure that I want to go. This week we have a family that is going to be married so that in the following week they can be baptized as a family. They are a family of 7 but only 5 of them are of age to be baptized. Sincerely I love this family they are just a bunch of goons.}
  So that's why I'm not sure that I want to leave yet. I really want to see this family get baptized. One day I had a prompting to knock on a door that I pass everyday. That's when I met the mother of the family. She had once listened to the missionaries and was at the point of baptism until her father died. So that's were it started. From that point on everyday we visit them and we see great changes in the family for the better. The mother told us that since we have been visiting them every aspect of their lives has been better. A story for the Ensign (Liahona) right there.
  Anyway the rest of this past week we have been working really hard, knocking on doors and such.
 Oh so yesterday something really weird happened to me. This random hippie guy walks up to me and in english asks me if I've ever heard about the New World Order. So with his English and his crazy look, he got my attention. Then he tells me a whole bunch of stuff about conspiracy theories and that he was once a scientist but they kicked him out because he made a machine to control the weather but now the military is using it. Hahah. The best part was he told me he was from Egypt and a scientist. He was no older than 24 and had a perfect Californian surfer accent. So anyway that was weird.
  So that's it, hope it was interesting.

Love ya all,

Elder Rodriguez


And my Llama!

One of the investigators of my District leader had a birthday. So us missionaries surprised her.
We are all trying to set a date for her to get baptized, so I drew her a card of Jesus, we all signed it, then Elder Blas sang the mission song to her. The Elders are Elder Rojas (from bolivia), Elder TituaƱa ( from Ecuador, he has a pony tail because of his culture its okay), Elder Blas (from Peru) and my companion Elder Nogales (from Chile). This family and these missionaries are great! 

This is a profile picture for sure. 
Oh by the way this is part of the island in our sector.

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