Monday, June 30, 2014

Email 06/30/2014 The Mission & Mistake of Last Weeks Email

Well this week was pretty good if I do say so myself.
   I thought I would start with telling about an Elder who went Haywire. So its Tuesday morning and Elder Kerby (zone leader) calls me. ¨hey are you in your house¨, obviously I was. ¨Oh okay well can you meet us in the park and help us find Elder Blas¨. Hahaha this Elder was in a trio with the zone leaders and after a bad haircut went off on his own to buy a hat. So about an hour later of us looking for him my companion and I find him wearing a bucket hat and walking with a member like nothing was wrong. I couldn't believe it haha. So thats a bit about how that Elder went haywire and looks like a Jehova´s witness now because he won't take off the hat.
   So weird story for the week, my companio and I were buying sandwiches and talking to the guy who works there. Turns out he was a member as a boy but his father died and has never been back. Its crazy because he doesn't remember anything about the church so he's like a completely new person. He then told us that he always saw the missionaries passing but felt he should talk to us. AWESOME. Missionaries to the rescue. 
   As a District leader my responsibilities are only starting. I did my first 2 baptism interviews this week and I was about as nervous as the 2 people. They were only kids but still. I'm just worried if someone tells me they killed someone before hahahaha. 
   This week was especially cool since I recieved a package from my dad. The mother of all packages. Full of all sorts of candies, twinkies, beef jerky, sunflower seeds, shoes to draw on and cool T-shirts. So that was great. I kinda went a bit over board on the candies but its all good.
   This friday I also had my first divisions as a District leader (change companions for a day) which was really weird. The Elder I was with was just trying to impress me the whole time but just making himself look dumb. All he was talking about is how many baptisms he could get. Thats something I wish all missionaries knew, its not about baptisms, but rather, conversions. Plus all his investagators are children.... not to hard, just saying. 
   All right well that's all for now. I'll update on the T-shirt and shoes I'm making next week. Thanks for writing.

Love ya all.

Elder Rodriguez

PS: I just realized that I wrote last week the Nephi and Lehigh were mediocre missionaries....They were the consecrated missionaries. I just hope I don't get struck by lightning for the one!! 


Delicious Food!! Your average portions. 


My new born puppy

Package from my dad

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