Monday, January 6, 2014

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Anyway this week me and My companion with be driving down to Quito once again.
This time it is so my companion can take an English exam. Honestly I kinda hope he fails to learn a bit of humility. Everytime he asks me what something means in English and I tell him he says ¨No I dont think so¨. I speak English, I know these things. Sorry that's bad but it's true.
So this week has been rainging every now and then. And rain here in Esmereldas means a bunch of mud everywhere. Oh well that just means my wife will be extra beautiful. Which of course I like.

Our water in our house is finally working good.That's a plus. And that's about it. Language is still hard but I'm actually having conversations with people and they are understanding and me too. Every now and then I will ask a yes or no question to an investigator and they will reply with ¨clearly¨....That's super discouraging. Oh well I'm just trying my hardest.
Well thats all.
Thank you for all the support every week

Love ya all bunches
Elder Rodriguez

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