Monday, January 20, 2014

Email 01/20/2014 Robbed?

Well this week started out pretty great. I helped a blind man cross the busiest road and then later on in the day got robbed. Yeah, super.
It was pretty sketchy though because it started with a nice teenage boy coming up to us and saying hi while his 5 friends watched. Then he asked me to take off my watch. Yeah that wasn't going to happen so we just kept walking. But he kept walking with us telling us to give him all of our money. Then his friends came up from behind us. One of them dug his hand in my pocket, the pocket with all my money in it, but didn't pull anything out and all my coins didn't make a sound. Then we were blessed to have a random bus come out of no where and we hopped on.
No but seriously this week was actually pretty great. It was raining all week and the mud made it nearly impossible to walk to most of our investigators, not to mention I fell in the mud. But some how through all of that this week there wasn't a moment were I wasn't happy. I have no idea why.
Then this week we had a little companion switch just for a day in which I was paired with another Peruvian named Elder Miranda. He didn't speak English but he was actually really cool and teaching lessons with his was great.
This week somehow we have had alot of success finding new investigators and then they even came to church. Well that's really all for now. Not much else happened this week.
Keep my in your prayers to better learn this language.
Your are all in mine.

Love ya all
Elder Rodriguez

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