Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Email 01/20/2014 Oops forgot one thing...

This week on Sunday My companion & I had to give talks and I had to take part in a special musical number.
Yeah I was pretty nervous. I had to give a 5 minute talk on missionary work. I decided to not write down anything and see how it would go. I talked for what turned to be 15 minutes on the attributes of Christ and how we need them in missionary work. Haha I was afraid I wouldn't have much to say since I don't know much spanish and I ended up having to much to say.
The musical number was good. I sang "Lord I Will Follow Thee" in spanish with the Ward Mission leader and his son. It was really good. And it's funny because last Monday my companion was yelling at me because he says I don't sing at all in church and when I do it's not loud enough. Well I was invited to sing because the ward mission leader says I always sing great and loud. My companion wasn't invited to sing. So that's you ¨In Your Face¨ moment of the week.
Okay that's all sorry missionaries should act like this hahah.

Elder Rodriguez

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