Monday, January 13, 2014

Email from Quito, Ecuador 01/13/2014

Well this week me and my companion traveled the 7 hours to Quito for my verification and his english exam.
The great part about that trip was when i saw all of my old district from the MTC. That was so great seeing how everyone has changed and hearing the experiences each one has had here. It was the funniest thing seeing the elders that were on the heavier side that got sent to the jungle. All of their clothes are really loose now haha. And one elder showed me a video of him eating grubs which was so gross to watch. Then we found out we were missing someone. We found out that an Elder Parsons who was in our district went home before Christmas. It's a bummer because nobody knows why and it wasn't medical because I asked the mission nurse. 
After the verification we went and stayed with the Presidentes office workers. They are really great elders. So me and my comp went with one of the elders to go teach at night in Quito. During the lesson I began to feel sharp pains different then I had felt ever before. After the lesson I rushed to the bathroom and puked my guts out. 
That's when my troubles started. We went straight to their apartment after that. Then the next day we went with different elders and I was feeling bad. After walking 15 miles up and down the hills of Quito we arrived at their apartment where I passed out from 4 until 6. At 6 I awoke with the worst headache ever and just a horrible pain in my lung. I took a headache pill and passed out again until the next day. The next day I had no appetite and had no energy to do anything which was fine because all we had to do was to take the exam for my comp and travel. So that's how my week went. But all is well because I feel so energized now back in Esmereldas.
The pictures that I sent were on the day of Verifications. I can't remember the name of the place but it represents how the arch angel will conquor satan in the last days. It was really beautiful.
Hope everyone is doing really good love you all

Elder Ivan Rodriguez

Hey mom I really missed you this week as I was sick. I just wanted so bad for someone to take care of me. But the work always has to continue. I love you lots mom. lots

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