Monday, January 27, 2014

Email 01/27/2014

This week honestly has been really boring. Nothing much going on to tell you the truth.
Well the rain has finally stopped and the work always continues.  We had a family and a man without a leg that all had set dates for baptism.
Unfortunetaly we had to cancel it becuase they did not come to church.

This week has consisted of a lot of up hill walking. Many of our new investigators live super high up. Bummer.
Anyway this P-day was pretty cool. Our whole zone went to this one light house ontop of this Cliff. To tell you the truth the hike was horrible with the sun beating down and the Cliff is almost 90 degress oh and also grass that was taller than me the whole way. My arms and legs are all sun burnt and cut up from the grass. But once on the top is was nice and cool. I sent some pictures of the experience. The White Elder is my bud from the CCM Elder Linderman. The latino that is not my companion is a Bolivian named Elder Urceta or however he spells it I don't really know. Elder Urceta is our district leader, companions to Elder Linderman and he was companions to Elder Luque.
It was really fun doing that Little adventure today. In our zone we have 2 new sister missionaries and they were pretty funny. They were surprized that I spoke good english. That's when I told them "I hope so, because I'm an American." Anyway that's really all that happened this week. Really boring.
Anyway Love you all
I hope and pray for the best for all of you

Elder Rodriguez

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