Monday, January 6, 2014

Email 01/06/2014 Happy New Year

Well Happy New Year from Ecuador!!!!

I sent some pictures of just some random things. Some of our 2nd baptism of a young kid named Jaison(yeah thats how he spells it), our neighbors man that he burned for New Years, Some people they were selling for New Years, the view from Jaisons house and I think thats it.
Well this week has been alright. We were supposed to be inside all day for New Years because it's dangerous but we spent it with Hermano Liedra. He's an old man who is all alone. But he is the best, he calls us his sons. He cooked some really great turkey and rice for us. I was truely delicious. He does alot for us all the time so I bought him a tub of Oreo Ice cream. You should have seen his face. He was so thankful and overjoyed. Then when we got home we got to see our neighbor burning his person. It was actually really creepy for me.... I don't know why.
Anyway this week has been kinda slow for us here since everyone is out of town. So not many people to teach. We had another baptism which was great. It's always great to see the joy in peoples faces. Oh and in our baptisms I draw a welcomeing picture on a white board. Everyone is amazed by them it's so funny. They were all taking pictures of it and taking pictures of the kid who got baptized posing with it.
Anyway not much else going on. I'll email again later today with more if I think of more.

Elder Ivan Rodriguez

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